Just because they are cute ...

Have you ever done something out of the ordinary ( nice or mean doesn't matter) just because someone was soo cute ?

share you stories =)

my story I was a cashier in this fast food place, so this guy was like one of those abercrombie models and he was just breathtaking&cute he was was short a dollar or so I said don't worry about it and paid for it, I won't have done this if he wasnt cute


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  • Yes, I know it's really weird and whatever, but there was someone online that had just become my friend, and well I like seeing pictures of all my internet friends, so I asked for a pic of them and they showed me and I couldn't stop smiling and then they talked to me over a voice chat program and I couldn't stop smiling and giggling, yea I know it's dumb and whatever and probably not what you were looking for by that's my story.

    • Haha no you just smiled because she was that cute

      thats xactly what I'm looking for !!!!

    • O, ok XD yea, it probablly would have been really awkward if it had happened in person, I've had something like that happen before around a girl I liked in real life... awkward doesn't even begin to describe that, to make it worse she was trying to talk to me I couldn't talk back all I could do was smile, it was like I didn't have control over my body.

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  • I'm extra mean to extra cute guys because they get so much attention. I ignore them, send their drinks back and introduce them to other girls as my cousin.I get really nice gifts. Once I got a car.he was really cute but a player. I was right to ignore him so much because we became friends and I learned a lot about guys. He learned that cuteness can only get you so far in life and that it was better to give more to receive more.

    • Haha wow a car!

      yea sometimes when cute guys are driving by I keep cutting their ways lol

  • yes I did.and I reget it so much.i moved in with this guy, but he cheated on me with his ex.