Difficulties with dying my hair, I need help!

OK, so I am Asian and I have very thick long hair and I want to do in home hair dye. I can't seem to get it to work. I bought a feria hair dye that is like this: link should I leave it longer than the 30 minutes that they suggest? How about 1 hour long? Just wondering, my hair did not turn out blond or anything at all, it was the same red on top, black on bottom that I began with. I felt like it was a waste of $20 (I bought 2) and also 1 hour (10 min prep, 30 min wait, 20 min clean up). :( Please any suggestions, or youtube videos are appreciated.


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  • i'm asian, and have dyed my hair all different colors. the time they give you is just an estimate, if its good dye you should leave it in till you get the color you want. I always had to bleach my hair blond before dying it and it always took longer than usually estimated. I've never used feria, but manic panic is a good semi-permanent dye. it usually lasts a few weeks, fades in the shower or will come out in a pool though.

    • thanks for your answer rawr123

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