Why do I get attached so quickly?

when ever I meet a girl I think is attractive I almost always imagine us dating before I even talk to her and it makes me feel insucure and then I can't work up the courage to talk to her, then I end up admiring from afar and never do anthing about my feelings,

why does this happen and how do I stop it


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  • Its the classic crush reflex. You don't talk to her because you ares sure that what's happening in your head won't happen in real life. Another cause is that you feel you will end up saying something stupid that will instantly turn her away and discard you. Unfortunately the only way to avoid this is guts. Unless you actually go and talk to her she will remain across the room out of your reach. When you do talk to her take notes on how you guys would talk and figure out if you actually "like" or do you just have a crush on her because of her looks. There is a BIIIIG difference


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