Tequila and OJ, looking for a quick and easy solution?

I have Tequila, and OJ...I don't have time to go pick up Grenadine, or Margarita Mix.

Has anyone tried to mix these two before? If so, how is it?

For the record, I can't stand Tequila straight.


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  • ew mixed drinks are gross.

    take a shot and chase it

    • Haha how is THAT not grosser? What makes Tequila better straight? It tastes like rubbing alcohol without any juice or anything...besides, isn't chasing it with something similar to just drinking it mixed?

    • i guess they end up the same in your stomach yea but.. when you take a shot and use a chaser you only have to taste the alcohol for like 2 seconds. a mixed drink is just disgusting every sip till you catch a good buzz is like... eww. well that's my opinion anyway.

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  • Tequila, squirt, a bit of orange juice, a lime, and half a grape fruit mix in a glass and your good to go.

  • Do it straight with an orange piece right after!


What Guys Said 2

  • it's pretty good but I prefer the tequila straight up

  • Drink the tequila straight.

    • Ehh not really a fan of straight Tequila. I like my liquor with some flavor.

    • Tequila and OJ sounds gross. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

    • I'm with the straight. Stop being a pussy, GROW THEM BALLS AND DRINK SHIT STRAIGHT! *chugs down some vodka* HOO YA!


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