Can this be possible with shoulder length hair?

I got my hair cut a little shorter than expected and I'm worried that when I get married in september that my hair won't be long enough to put in an updo it possible to do a classy updo with hair that may not even be shoulder length?Thoughts?


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  • Umm. if it's really close to the shoulders, yeah I saw my BFF make hair that length in a ponytail, though some hairs needed bobby-pins. I'm sure a bun or other fancy up-do'll be doable as well. Sorry that happened, but good luck, N congrats on the wedding...


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  • You have quite a few months until then. I'm sure your hair will look beautiful no matter the length because there are so many different techniques that hair stylists can do for updos. There are all sorts of pins and curls that can be done, even with shoulder length hair or not quite. No need to stress over one more thing for your wedding lol. You can always check out pictures online or talk to the salon beforehand about what you're thinking for your hair.

    Congratulations by the way. :)

    • thank you so much!trying not to stress about it and will hope for the best!

    • You're welcome. :)

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