Guy make up attractive to girls?

What do you girls think about a guy that wears make up? Just to make it clear it's hardly possible to tell if the make up is worn. But it makes the skin looks flawless


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  • Yeah, I'm not a huge fan. But hey, to each their own!


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  • no, we can tell you're wearing make-up because no-one has flawless skin! that's how we know.

    generally, if it's a part of his style, his transexual tendencies or soemthing like that then who wouldn't be okay with it.

    personally I like a few flaws in a man, a few acne scars, knife scars whatever, hairy ahnds you name it as long as he looks the total opposite to me or any other woman he'll do just nice the way he is.

    • Hmm interesting... I have few acne scars too but I'm getting a fractional(plastic surgery) in a week to get rid of them... Do a lot of girls find scars attractive?

  • I wouldn't mind it, but for some reason I see a lot of girls not being okay with this.

    • most all of the guy models use make up so... And what our societies defines cute/attractive is based on the models that big companies choose. While those models use them and all of the girls base their attraction to a future boyfriend or a one night stand. I don't think it would that bad. I'm sure most of the girls would be okay with a guy that uses make up unless they don't find the models attractive

  • Yea, you need to remember one thing, WE can always tell. I've seen guys wear foundation/coverup before and always get called out on it. If your a guy, don't do it.

  • so a guy wear foundation? uh no

    ps, if it makes your skin look flawless, waht is it? I wanna try it! do share

    • . youtube . com/watch?v=EevHYBYtGz8&feature=youtube_gdata_player... That's one of the tutorial... There are better once I just can't find it right now

  • personally, I would find it a little weird if I knew a guy was wearing makeup. trust me, girls will be able to tell if you're wearing makeup better than you think they can.

    • Haha but one of them main attractions is skin so with good skin a girl would give a guy a chance because he looked attractive at first impression.. If she finds out later on I don't think it would be a deal breaker ;)

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  • If you can hardly tell if your wearing makeup, I don't understand the point of wearing it.

    • It looks natural... doesn't look the sane when girls use make up

    • I dunno, I'm not a fan of natural. I'm a fella who totes makeup, too.

  • well to guys definitely not


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