Do you dress to impress and attract the opposite sex or is it just for your own self-esteem?

I am curious to find out what people have to say about this. For the ladies, do you dress up for the sake of attracting a guy? Do you dress up and go through the trouble of looking "HOT" and "SEXY" just to get attention? Or do you fancy up for yourself only? Be honest.

For the guys, is it for the ladies to come your way? Or is it for yourself? Or do you not care at all? Once again, please be honest.

If you were in a relationship (married or not married) would your "dressy-days" be affected? Would you then dress up for your guy/girl? or wouldn't bother yourself with it at all, knowing your spouse loves you no matter what (hopefully).

All I am asking for is HONESTY.


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  • I think it is a little bit of both. You dress nice to make yourself look good in front of others, but because you think you look better for others it makes you feel better yourself. They both go really nicely with each other, but I think the main reason I would dress up is to look better for others, the feeling better is a side effect. If I was in a relationship my dressy-days wouldn't really be affected. I would still dress up when the time is right. I think it just makes things that much more special. If this doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. Its late.


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  • I'm in a relationship so I'm not trying to impress anyone, I usually wear either a t shirt or a wife beater around but when I go out with my girl I dress fresh.


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  • I have always appreciated fashion so I do like to be stylish. I also think I can be sexy and stylish without showing a lot of skin. I have always thought that a guy who checks me out when I am fully clothed has got "something". I don't judge other women who show more skin especially if they have really nice bodies. I'm not a HATER, ha ha. But, on the other hand, I know that guys who are into that wouldn't necessarily be into me.

    I personally don't like showing a lot of skin because I don't like the attention it brings. "Negative or Positive".

    I consider myself pretty attractive and feel that I get enough attention without showing off a lot of skin.

    Yet, depending on where you live, sometimes wearing less is simply based on weather! (I live in the desert and used to live in both places can get very HOT).

    I've been in a long-term relationship where I was the one who actually let myself "go" and he loved me nonetheless. But, in the end, I realize that it's always nice to make a little effort. (Don't walk around in sweats ALL THE TIME).

  • Personally I dress to impress myself,not for what guys might think. But a lot of women DO dress to attract men. It would be interesting to do a poll on this.

    Clearly if I'm going to meet someone I pay a little more attention to how I look, but even then I still dress to satisfy MY taste.I never dress to impress someone else.

    But other women spend time asking men how they should dress for the must be difficult for most men to answer since THEY don't usually give much thought to questions of style especially women's styles!