Boys: Is it cuter to see a girls belt or when she pulls her shirt over her belt?

Idk if that makes sense, but essentially, is it cuter when a girl wears her pants lower? The "new" look is to wear long shirts that go down to say the pocket area.. but I find that a lot of guys go for girls who wear their pants really low where you can almost see a little midriff. is their a preference?


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  • It's cute that you think guys actually care about that sort of thing! Hahaha! No, it really doesn't matter. We're pretty much just trying to get a sense of your body. The styling of clothes only matters to us insofar as it shows off your body in a more or less favorable light. And we're also aware that some clothes change the perception of your body.

    Bottom line is, it's what's on the INSIDE that counts. And by that I mean, "what you look like naked." (other things matter too!)

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    • You're in luck! According to the top of this question, Anon, you're between 18 and 24, which means chances are you're a college student. And as it turns out, if there's one place that smart, crazy guys who need to listen for a living tend to congregate it's on a college campus! Woo Hoo! JACKPOT! So go throw a belt on and step outside your door! You'll be SURROUNDED by guys who meet your criteria! Hahaha!

    • hahaha OK, will do!

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  • No. There's no preference. Continue to dress however you want as guys don't have too much of an opinion about it.


  • No real preference but if you have a sexy stomach then have it so it almost shows midriff so guys are just waiting for the shirt to go up just that little bit more.


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  • Haha I like this question, I like seeing some belt.

    • haha see, I think that's what guys want to see too!

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