What's the big deal about makeup? I don't wear any

Thing that bothers me about makeup is that it seems really really standard--like EVERYONE wears makeup now, even some guys! :O

Its messing with our ideas of beauty, no?

Back in the day, women did not HAVE makeup. There were still beauties!

At the end of the day you're putting chemicals on your face...

Daily makeup users, why do you use it? And is it everyday? CAN you leave the house with none on?

Is it a sign of insecurity?
ALSO: If you wear tons of makeup everyday, like some girls I know, how exactly are you going to look different on your wedding day/special occasions? =P


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  • I prefer girls with little or no make-up at all. If anything make-up masks the true face of the girl, if over applied makes the girl look stupid and ironically makes her less attractive tha what she'd look like without it.

    I understand that girls want to look beautiful and make-up's used to cover thier skin if they're insecure about it but nowadays make-up's almost seen as part of a girl's 'growing-up', worn because 'women wear make-up' rather than a girl choosing to wear it because they'd like to cover/enhance/falsely create certain aspects of thier appearance!

    • Sigh, I know there are a zillion makeup questions but I do mean it ON THE WHOLE. Makeup on the whole...does it screw with us? I read somewhere that a woman shouldn't show a man how she looks in the morning unless you've known him for at least a few months! Is that what it comes down to? I get that a bit of concealer, and all that. I get that, but ...well...Im confused as to why we need to wear SO much, why its normal.

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  • Imo it's generally for insecure girls. Girls who are insecure for some way over something about them.

    As a guy, I LOVE girls who are natural :) it's so pretty even with the "flaws" (which I never saw as flaws). And you don't wear any make up? lol, impressive.

    • thats the THING...FRECKLES, LITTLE SCARS, A LITTLE BIT OF UNEVEN-NESS..those are not FLAWS, those are human natural skin characteristics.

      lol ... how is it impressive? I mean I see people who look SO different with makeup that THATS impressive. haha. and mostly I'm being a bit lazy

    • I mean that you look like you're wearing make up from the pictures :P if that's without make up, that's impressive.

    • LOL, I have crappy webcam pictures up =P if you think about its, its a good way to hide flaws, huh? :) And thanks but its all my natural products. I use palmer's skin therapy oil and I use kohl sometimes, when I go to parties. Its like eyeliner, but made from natural indian herbs. moisturizer makes all the difference

  • Fortunately for you, you were born with all the makeup you need already in place.

  • Yeah, the guys wearing make-up part is a new low in our society.

  • Not sure what the issue is. It's just people trying to look more attractive. You might also ask what the deal is with bathing or dressing well. And I'm pretty sure even "back in the day" women were using makeup.

    For that matter. . . I'm pretty sure you do too. ;)


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  • Oh I knew one girl who, as soon as she'd wake up, there'd be makeup on her face lol

    Well we've kind of adopted this standard. It's messed up. All we see is flawless skin and enhanced features on females it looks weird when there's no makeup. I rarely wear makeup myself, if I do, then it's not a lot.

  • I never really where make up apart from going out clubing or somethink. But some girls may feel they need it .

  • But you're wearing eye-shadow in some of your pictures...

    • Haha, your pic is sooooooo cute by the way ! And in the first pic where I am lying down I am wearing grey eyeshadow, courtesy of my friend aliyah. and of course I do wear it on occasion! I just don't wear it everyday. Mostly because I was never allowed.

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    • you know, I am blushing. thank you, and I think you're probably very cute as well. are you asian?

    • Half-asian, yes. :)

  • I wear makeup.

    I wear Natural Face too (When I get good sleep and My period is over).

    I wear everyday mascara, bronzer, lipgloss, concealer (to brighten eyes) and that's it.

    Sometimes Natural face lets me down with acne and dark circles. so I wear some concealer.

    Sometimes I go out to parties and I want to be noticed so I put eye shadow on. (smokey Eye)

    My skin sometimes lets me down...but makeup doesn't..

    I am naturally pretty...I don't need makeup...but I guess I am insecure because I try to hide ugly flaws with it... (Dark Circles)

    I have been using makeup for 2 years now. Not one product I used damaged my skin.

    I love to look flawless not like everyone else who looks just average.

    • I guess it does give a flawless look. I think I look nice, if not flawless without it. Why do you think people need to look flawless? We're not flawless as humans. We're inherently flawed. Tons of people wear makeup so how exactly are you differentiating with your flawlessness? Love the confidence tho.

    • I understand your concept. But I think of when I was born...when I was a baby...when no acne..and pure fresh skin...Then I think...they way I look now..I wasn't born like this...I had flawless skin. And to me looking like a normal average person...just seems boring...I have a Bright crazy...and perfectionist theory of my life...and I express it on my face...clothes...personality...and etc. Makeup is fun to put on. And it is awsome when you do it right and look radiant, flawless...or weird.

    • I look at your pic...I could tell you are pretty but you have a smokey eye...Its beautiful...It brings out your eyes more. In my pic...I wasn't wearing any thing but macara...bronzer and lipgloss. My skin looked good though...but I still like to over do it sometimes.

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