How do you give a hint to a Latino girl that har dark hair on the arm look bad?

That is how they are in the majority. How do you politely tell them that it spoils their whole appearance. Is it religious or something for them to keep their arm hair?
Doesn't sound like this was a good question at all. Apparently, I was doing pot while I put it here.
I disown this question. I am not even reading the responses. So please don't waste your time.


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  • Ok, it's hard enough having to shave our legs all the time! I'm not latin...but I'm just speaking as a female! Anyway, and now you want the girl to shave her arms too? Why should she do that to please you? Her arms won't be as soft if she shaves there and it'll be a huge hassle. I think your eyes just need to get used to it!


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  • It's not religious. One of my best friends is Latina...she'd probably kick the sh*t out of you. And really, what the f***? Our armpits, legs, eyebrows, upper lip and vagina not enough for you? If women weren't supposed to have hair, they wouldn't have been born with it so get the f*** over it. I’m sure your hairy and yet does she complain to you about it? Would you shave and wax if she did?

    • I can hear the rattle shaking on the end of your tail, your folked tongue tasting this half-wit's imbarressment

    • women wern't born with make up or clothes either so should they not wear those...really? come on your supposed to do things that make you attractive...some people prefer girls with no hair...I know quite a few girls that take it all off...just saying your statements it ridicolously


    • I am a ridiculously hostile person.

  • That is awful. My best friend is Latina (Latina, not Latino. it is spelled different for girls). You don't tell them to or it will come back worse. Hairer, darker, grosser, and do you really want that to happen? I think not. So just keep your arrogant mouth shut about it. Kay?

  • Gee is she your girlfriend or something?

    Gosh you guys are something...well I guess it doesn't bug her...well I am latin and I used to dye my arm hair so it gets blond and you can't barely see, that's the best option...most of my friends do it but some people don't mind...

    Hey do you wax any of your hair by the way?

  • im not latino but I can tell you that its not religious, shaving arms just isn't a good idea in general, when I first started shaving my legs I asked my mom and she told me to never try it. I didn't listen to her but when I did try it it made my arms scratchy and uneven that's why girls don't do it. As to how to solve the problem, suggest that they should wax their arms or just find a girl with blond hair.

  • you don't its actually bery rude. and if you were her friend or someething more you would not say anything. and pklus its there body not yours.

  • U STFU.

  • why do you care? it's their body


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  • How does the latino girl tell the white boy that his tendancy to turn 'a shade of lobster' when the sun's out ruin his whole image, his acne perhaps?

    Maybe they should exchange 'image gifts'... the boy gives her a razor, she gives him a paper bag and some sun cream

  • If she's your girlfriend, you should tell her that you've got a shaving fetish and you want to shave each other. Take her in the shower and start in the obvious places and then move to the arms. Every time it grows back noticeably, just say you've got "the urge" again. Voila!

    No but seriously that is pretty gross.

  • Just knock her down and shave her arm's. That'll get the cat outta the bag.

  • Everybody's aversion to hair has got to stop.


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