Do guys like lipgloss?

Does it actually turn you on a little when you see a pretty girl with full lips(on face) when she wears lipgloss, so her lips have that wet pouty look? I know supposedly it does, but is this something you notice? (just talking looks here, I know guys don't like kissing anything goopy, let's say you haven't kissed this girl yet) Thanks


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  • Not really. Bit of a turn off, actually. She's trying too hard. If I don't like her just the way she is when she rolls out of bed, no matter how much makeup she puts on, not only will she only get worse, but an extensive use of makeup (to me) indicates an extensive lack of personality depth. So far, I haven't found any outliers to this rule.

    In summary: quantity of makeup is inversely proportional to depth of personality

    • Appreciate you answering, but if the latter statement were true women with depth would all wear zero makeup & that's just not the case in most instances. And if you have "depth of personality" I don't think you'd be so quick to issue a blanket statement like that. Obviously most anything can be overdone, so I agree in that aspect.

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    • Totally. Then again, most intelligent people hang out with other intelligent people, and assuming her friends are good and know she has bad eyesight, they'll tell her and she'll remedy the problem ;)

    • One would hope :)

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  • If you're talking about that shiny stuff that looks really wet, I just think it's gross. It looks kinda gooey and whatnot. But just the normal stuff is nice, much much more attractive.

  • not just lips that can make a guy turn on

    there are many more parts of girl that can work on guys

    your body language, expression, words, smile, boobs and last but not least the sexy bums

    • Of course...just curious if the old lip gloss sayings were really true.

  • i love full lips. they're so kissable and they would of coarse look good around my... you know.

    • Really? come on man. you're better than that.

      also, check spelling. Homonym failure.

    • what better than what?

      course then whatever.

  • go rub one out


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  • It's supposed to look like your "ready to go downstairs area" ;) also I think they're called DSL :P


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