A young corporate look...any ideas?

So guys and girls help me out...

I might start working in a corporate environment but I am a creative creature I like colors and cartoon t-shirts lol...i hate trousers and suits but I know I will have to use it...

I just don't know what is a cool look that still look formal...

Specially for warm days...

Any links and ideas would help


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  • You don't nesecarilly have to wear suits. Do you like skirts? A cute skirt N blouse can look corporate, or if not I have seen some girl's suits that are hella cute. Get a few blouses in the colors you like, N I know this isn't popular to do these days (Looks more corporate N dressy) In its own way, I think this look is just as cute as charecter Tees but just more dressy. It's mega sexy too! I hope you find some outfits you like. I'm sure you're gonna look hot!

    • link Kinda like this is what I mean. TOO CUTE...

    • That's pretty cute but I don't think I could wear that in this corporate environment I might get in...It has to be a more serious look...

    • Well, you can do variations of it. A more subdued, serious looking blouse can go just as cute or pretty...

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  • Wear either a t-shirt or tank top--solid colors for the t shirt or tank. Wear that with a blazer over it. But only wear a blazer with that with a pair of classy dressy jeans with either high heels or sandals. If your work environment allows jeans on cerain days go with that look-you will have some heads turning for sure.

    • the problem is the weather is hot for brazers...i mean if it's cold OK I can look dressy but when it isnt...

What Girls Said 2

  • Hmm, with still being able to wear what you like. Take the cartoon t-shirts and dress it up, wear a blazer over it. (If the shirts have a wide range of colour stick with just a black blazer). Sundresses are great too (:

  • wear sundresses with a cardi or a blazer


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