Why are yoga pants acceptable to wear as pants but leggings aren't?

Yoga pants are basically leggings with a flare. if it's gross to wear leggings as pants than it should be gross to wear yoga pants too lol


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  • I don't think leggins are gross! They're sexy! I think they're a little tight up top to tuck something in to them unless you can REALLY pull it off, but with a top over the waistline, they're great! I think tucking in in general looks better with jeans or some kind of true waistline to the pants,but then again a friend sometimes tucks tees into her jogging suits N that looks cute as hell! Bottom line, I agree. Leggins are awesome, but if you're against them You should be against yoga pants too...


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  • I think both are fine...

  • girls who think they can wear yoga pants without underwear are fooling themselves

    girls who wear legging as pants are also fooling themselves

    yoga PANTS were meant to be worn as pants. where in the word "leggings" do you see the word "pant" otherwise short for pantaloon. lol

    leggings SHOULD NOT be worn as pants

    • jeans don't have the word pant in it

      hot pants have the word pant in it but I wouldn't recommend wearing those out as you would pants

    • yeah but you didn't mention anything about jeans. you specifically said yoga or leggings

      hot pants are different. lets call a spade a spade here. lol

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  • Yoga pants are a lot thicker and don't go see through when stretched like leggings do. They also don't look as trashy. They're meant to be worn as pants and are sold as such, while leggings are supposed to be worn under something. The only girls who can pull off wearing leggings as pants have to be a size two max and even then other girls are going to think it's trashy - but at least it looks good.

    • Some leggings are just as "thick" as yoga pants. Neither are thick actually. It's amazing how a flare and the word pant in the name somehow makes one less trashy than the other when they're both like practically wearing no pants at all. Especially when girls like to wear them with no panties (this goes for the yoga pants girls because they do that a lot).

  • i think people just lump leggings in with tights. sometimes they are too see thru. but yeah, I always thought the same thing. yoga pants are just leggings with flares.

  • they are thicker , and they are actual pants.

    • They're thicker? They about the same to me. Camel toe can still be seen in both of them. Yoga pants are worse IMO because girls think they can wear those with no underwear.

    • They are thicker, but you HAVE to wear them with underwear. That's just nasty if you don't D:

      plus, if you wear them correctly and not all wedged up in your 'business' you won't get a camel toe..if you wear leggings as pants your pretty much doomed to have one.

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