Did I screw things up by showing him I like him?

I've been friends with this guy I really like for over two years no. and last month he complemented me in person saying I looked beautiful and even giving me a kiss on my cheek and sent me msgs on FB saying I was super cute and today I found out he's dating a stupid girl. Now my question is was he actually interested in me? or he was just trying to get some?, I'm pretty sure he knows I like him, did I screw things up showing him I liked him?

Thank you!


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  • maybe he liked you alittle and thought he could get some ? who knows

  • u seems to be very upset now...Come on .u both were frds since past 2 yrs,saying that you beautiful and kissing your cheek doesn't prove that he loves you,especially when he is dating someone else...now as you have a crush on him..u can go and talk to him straightaway without wasting time and before his other love becomes stronger...but remember you may endanger your friendship that you had with him for the past two years..but if your crazy about him..plz... plz...plz...let him know now...its like (now or never situation)...and definitely let us know about...we are with you gal...now go do it...all the best...god bless..


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