How do I get a hot good looking boyfriend?

I'm attracted to really good looking men, I want to date a guy with a really nice body, good looking face, nice smile and all that..You know just a generally good looking guy almost a pretty boy. How do I pull a guy like this? Are they different from other guys? Do you have to act differently to them? I've been thinking about trying a different type than I'm used to. I don't want to offend anyone by coming off "shallow" but I know what I want


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  • You have to start taking risks. If I wanted a girl that's a 10 I would have to go through so many risks, mind games, trial and error. They are more than likely popular so you'll have to strave off all the other girls going for him just like I would have to strave off all the guys going for the perfect 10 I would want.


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  • If you aren't getting them now, what makes you think you can? I don't want to come off like a 'd***' but there it is.

    • The reason I'm asking is because I wanna know what I can do to attract this type of guy. I'm willing to change

    • I think you should find some hot guys, because they are the only ones who can tell you, and ask them how you can change so that they'll like you more.

    • Maybe hot guys or girls who date(d) hot guys are on GirlsAskGuys. This IS a question and answer site

  • Yay for materialism!

    At least have an "average, acceptable threshold" instead of wanting only a Subjective-10. That's just stupid.

    • You don't have to like my standards. I've dated average guys before and there's nothing wrong with that. I just want to date a hot guy now. Is that a crime?

    • Your standards are funny because no one will meet them.

  • Breast implant. It's the only way since you aren't attracting much attention with what you have now.

    • Why the hostility? I bet if I worded this question differently and asked about an average everyday guy you guys would be full of helpful answers, but because I want a hot guy it touches on your insecurities. That's sad. Don't take your insecurities out on me. Someone out there will love you for you

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    • You as well as the rest of the answers have been unnecessarily rude for some reason. Usually when people lash out it's because of insecurity. Don't be passive aggressive, just own up to your behavior. stop pretending as if you're innocent when you didn't even answer the question in your original response.

    • Hell, woman read my first post. Why do women get boob jobs? How the sh*t does this statement makeme insecure? Please tell me what insecurities I must have because you say I obviously have them. They also say people get defensive when they have insecurity issues. Maybe you should look in the mirror before you try to troll my post.

  • well it is much easier for a hot, good-looking girl, to get a good-looking boyfriend than it is for a hot, good-looking guy to get a good-looking girlfriend, because most guys will accept a girl who is bratty, boring, has no life, has no confidence and has low self-esteem

  • Theres only one way.. be very good looking too. Go to the gym everyday.. lots of excercise.. eat right, and dress to impress.

    • but honestly if you don't have what it takes naturally now don't even try.. every guy hates the girls that try to get with certain guys.. (hopefully girls can watch and learn from the jersey shore "grenades")

  • You better be a 10 yourself. Just saying.


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