Why do people rate my looks as one extreme or the other?

yesterday I was eating a sandwich alone on a park bench. a very good looking guy came up to me and asked if he could join me. we ate and talked for 15 minutes. then he told me I was very pretty and at first he was afraid to talk to me because he thought I'd shoot him down. he asked to exchange numbers and have been texting since.

later in the day I was hanging out with friends. one started taking some pictures and she put them on facebook. there was one of me just sitting in a chair, but I thought it was cute so I made it my new GAG picture. a few minutes later a strange guy from GAG posted on my wall "you're so ugly that if I were to rate you from 1-10 I'd have to go into negatives. you're -3 btw".

so one guy said I was so pretty he had to approach me and another guy said my ugliness went into the negatives on the same day. how is that possible? I'm a skinny white girl with straight brown hair, so it's not like I'm a rarity or uncommonly seen in society. what's up with that?


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  • I wonder who to believe;

    The guy in real life who had to face the consequences.

    Or someone over the Internet where everything is always true.

    Tough choice...

  • your probably ugly, theones who say you're ugly are being honeset, the ones who say your pretty are being sympathetic

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    • yeah. white, straight brown hair, skinny...i'm that boring white girl

    • lol I can see by the way you're talking that this girl isn't you, it would be nice wouldn't it?

  • Please don't take anything a guy on here says to heart. Most of them look like

    What I left in ex girlfriends toilet anyways. They are probably hating on you because you got a real life compliment.

  • That is how it is for me some give me a 3 some like a 9 like what the heck? Its just people have different tastes and certain things they look for.


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