For guys, is the pickup artist stuff actually worthwhile?

It's pretty easy to pick up women in bars and clubs (after all, these women are often at such locations looking for sex or casual relationships) and let's face it:

Most men don't have high standards about women they will sleep with. So I don't assume that just because some guy can always be getting new women that he's a super stud or a player.

What I'm talking about is a cold approach, such as women on the street or a girl in a checkout line. The girl that lives across the hall or a female coworker. Can these guys really Jedi mind trick "any" or almost any woman to sleeping with them? If it does work regularly, how long does it usually take in terms of days or hours and what percentage failure rate is there for the pros.


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  • Lol Everyone makes it sound like it is some kind of hypnosis that puts a woman to sleep, and then you have your way with her. Look at the stuff they say... Live an attractive lifestyle, workout, become what you want to be, smile, be confident in yourself, don't let it bother you when you get shot down, and meet as many new people as possible. This isn't Earth shattering information. No matter who you are being more confident in yourself, and trying to better yourself is attractive. Haha it is in no way manipulation or some sort of mind trick. It has nothing to do with mind tricks, and everything to do with confidence and the way you carry yourself. Failure rates? What do you consider failure? Maybe you could sleep with 100 women and never get shot down, but to me doing so and not finding someone special is a failure.

    • According to some of these PUAs, even fat chuds with no job can go out and sleep with 90% of women if they spit the right game. That's what I'm calling BS on.

      I'm also doubting that most women are slutty enough to sleep with some guy that they've only known for an hour.

    • You are completely right. The claims they make are ridiculous. Of course it isn't true, but if they said "Hey we can make it a little easier to talk to girls" people wouldn't buy their products. Being able to sleep with 90% of women is complete B.S., but it definitely makes you a little better

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  • For what I know they can get almost any kind of woman (even most beautiful) in 80% of cases. If succesfull then it is regularely in 15-20 minutes. That are top ones.

    If it is worth it ... I don't know. Those guys are so focused and even damaged that they can never get into healthy relationship. They don't mind the girl. They trained their mind to use a girl like an object. No feeling, no commitment, nothing.

    • Well I feel I have the mindset for it. If a woman doesn't act respectable, she doesn't deserve respect. If she reduces herself to a sexual object to be passed around between men then that is exactly what she should be regarded as.

      Respect is not a government entitlement program, and nobody "deserves" respect. It's earned

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    • So what you're saying is these guys succeed only by lying to women and manipulating them, but they succeed 80% of the time? I was always under the impression the good PUA could succeed in bedding these women without lying about who they are (although they might not explicitly say they're looking for a one-night stand or casual sex).

    • You are right. They jast don't say that they are interested in one night stand.

      Of course they won't say that. They would end up having 5% success rate with those uglier and sluty girls. But they know how to make inpression that they feel and are into a girl like crazy.

      It is not direct lie. BUt they know tha they are making girl feel something what is good for them them but is not true.

  • Dude, to become a pickup artist it takes lots of time and patience... My cousin started training for it when he was 19 and before he mastered it he met the love of his life and married her. So it's definitely questionable... However, if you decide to try to become a pickup artist, stick to it till the end!

  • If you're looking to "trick" women into having sex with you then you're in for a lot of hurt if you try it on someone that knows where you live (your neighbor) or a co-worker.

    • Well not necessarily by lying, but you could convince the woman to sleep with you and then just cut things off after awhile on amicable terms. One of my friends is like this, but I'm pretty sure he's just getting random sl*ts at bars and acting like he's Superman.

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    • A wise man once told me that this is easy, as once you can fake sincerity you can make them think it's their idea to cut things off with you because you were "getting too serious" and they weren't looking for anything like that. He's the same guy that told me he uses principles of neuro-linguistic programming to get women to compete over his affections and want to sleep with him and pay for his sh*t. From what I can tell, he's not completely full of it. Hot women are always paying for his sh*t

    • Who would be dumb enough sober to have a one-night stand with a coworker?

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