I'm so tired and I feel bad for girls that can't or choose not to be strong!

So I noticed this weird trend or whatever you want to call it of girls updating their statuses on facebook writing how they are heart broken, they can't live without that particular person. Girls tend to throw themselves as weak creatures and I totally dislike that. Times have changes and I believe we as girls should take life's hard hits. Sometimes love stinks, but please we stronger and wiser about it and don't let the whole facebook community know about your brake up or just in general your feelings. Be strong about it!


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  • Right on! Although I do not understand what you are asking. Girls need to stop being over dramatic and love sick, it just gives guys another reason to use against us. No one guy is worth being depressed for, especially if you are just going to move on in a few weeks anyway. I hate the "my life is over" stuff the worse.

    • lol there is no question. I'm just frustrated and I wanted to let everyone know :)

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  • Not saying I do this..because I do not even have a facebook, but, some girls...when upset over their boyfriend..they need a way to vent...some girls do not have family or friends to vent with...and some..just vent in a way of letting the whole world knowing it...so they get some attention..and they feel better. The thing about most girls not being strong..I totally agree with you. But, I think itis because of their family backgrounds (most of them)...Today, you see more and more divorce rates..more crime...and etc..Just in general, more broken homes. When girls(in particular) come from a broken home, they tend to want to run to the first guy they come across...love them...and eventually things might happen in which they break up...then the girl is devastated because she no longer feels secure, in fact, she feels lonely. When you come from a broken home, you are in fact lonely. And, when a guy comes along, it is like they are currently rescuing them from depression. No, this isn't healthy at all. I wish it wasn't like this. But, this is what I have learned while taking my psychology classes.

  • I know exactly what you mean! The guy is out there having a blast doing what he wants while the girl is on facebook updating her status about how heart broke she is over the guy. Girls need to be stronger and be able to go out and have a blast too!


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