What kind of dress should I be looking for?

So for my whole life I've been a pretty hardcore Tom-boy. But now that I'm older, I want to be pretty and feminine. I'm kinda tall and I definitely got some meat on my bones (but I'm not overweight), I'm kinda top heavy...it's whatever. Anyway, I want to buy(and actually wear) a dress(for probably the first time ever). I feel like I have man shoulders too.

What kind of dress should I be looking for. I want it to be kind of a summer-y, casual, look cute but still like you could end up chilling at home too kind of dress


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  • Here's a link that list the top dress styles for your type, which is an apple shape.

    I personally love empire waisted dress, which is also listed in the link. I think they are so feminine and really pretty.

  • Well if you're intrested in looking slimmer I would try maybe something with a bow around the waistline because that always makes people look slimmer and even though you aren't overweight if you have some back fat maybe try something not so tight !


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