What is the best thing to hide red/purple stretch marks?

i have has stretch marks since I started puberty but they just don't seem to fade I have them everywhere and its so embarrassing I cannot wear bikinis or anything and have to hide my legs because they are really bad

i want to know what people have tried and what they would/would not recommend

i know that they won't disappear I just want them to be hidden when want to wear a bikini just for the day or few days


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  • Nothing will truly help to diminish them. They will fade a bit over time naturally, so everything you put on there might give the impression its working, while in fact its just time (which is for free). The red/purple color also fades.

    Some things (tanning, an AHA body lotion.) help to make them temporary less visible, but the old state will return when you stop.


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  • Bio oil is said to be good, but you'll probably never 100% get rid of them.


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  • i used strivectin for stretch marks. it faded them pretty well I still have them just nowhere near as deep and theyre skin colored.

    i have em everywhere lol.. boobs, tummy, hips, thighs :( it really blows but ohwell

    • i have them litrally everywhere too .. and thanks I think I might give it a go :)

  • Bio oil helps, if you don't want to do that they will fade eventually so they're less noticable. When I started tanning it also helped. I tried that cocoa butter or whatever and it didn't do anything for me.

    • Oh If your looking for just a cover up then get dermablend that stuff works miracles

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