Why do I bring this frustration upon myself?

I'm frustrated. Very much so. I bring this frustration, anger upon myself. Why? Because I'm too much of a p*ssy to even talk to the girl I really like. I mean, what is so hard about going up to her saying, "Hey! How are you?" Nothing, nothing is, but I bring it upon myself that I'll be a fool and she'll just brush me off. Why can't I muster the courage to go talk to her? I mean, what is the worst she could do, ignore me? Yeah. That's it. It's not like she'll ruin my life, yet I act like it will if she thinks of me in a way I wouldn't want her to think of me. It just get frustrating.

Comment if you want to, but with maybe so sort of help if any, or how some of you overcame this stupid fear...


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  • heres the thing bro...ur worrying too much about how you'll look and in reality no one cares and you shouldn't either. so go out and ask a girl out any girl you like that's right whether at a mall, gas station, in the neighborhhod, at a baseball game. don't act nervous. maybe shell go out with you maybe not. bottom line is you'll get better and better over time the more you practice. you'll get to the point where is easy. trust me...girls love confidence.

    but in reality its not whether you they go out with you or not(thats a plus if they do) the real achievement is you feel better about yourself for doing it man I swear. because the worst thing in the world is regret when you do nothing man. it eats away at your soul. besides not everyone is everyones type. there's guys my friends would cut their finger off to have sex with when I wouldn't even look at the girl twice. point-dont take it personally.

    theers a wonderful quote I always think of which is" one is responsible for the intention and effort, but not the result which depends upon many things that are non-personal"--never ever take it personally if a girl rejects u. every girl I come across especially if I know ill never c her again I ask them out or for their number. For the ones that are single I have about a fifty percent rate of dating them or hooking up. but its not really about that-its like being more confident with each girl you talk to...its like discovering a new planet it opens doors not only to relationships but to life as well...being confident in jobs, yourself, self esteem and all that stuff. I know it sounds corny but its true.

    Theres a book that explains all this about going up to girls and not caring about rejection...best book ever. It's called 'mode one: let the woman know what you're thinking" by alan currie. pick it up you won't regret it...good luck


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  • Chillax dude. You're too hard on youself. Get yourself a wingman. One that's female would be more helpful.


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  • Frustration stems from desire. Frustration breeds motivation.


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