Piercings and Employers?

would really like to hear an employers perspective on this. so yeah, do you think piercings are a major factor for employing a person? both my lobes are pierced, would you think that would matter at all?

i figure as long as your face isn't a total pin cushion, I don't see the big deal about the whole social stigma of piercings. plus I could always take them out before the interview, muahaha, then I guess your employer could let you go when he finds out you have them :(
i don't have more then 1 piercing in each ear. just 1 in each earlobe, nothing else that's it, I have a job as well, nobody has said anything, ...yet. let me hear what you guys and gals think :)
i do think I got let go from my last job because of them though, I don't know why, I thought I was doing an awesome job. just sucks because during the probation period the employer could drop me for any reason within 3 months


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  • Well I'm obviously not an employer and don't have my own business, but I can see both sides to the issue. Sure you have every right to pierce whatever it is that you want...but a business has a right to portray an image as well. They are in business to earn a living, and earn a living by selling or providing something. That in of itself has no ties to the piercing issue. But what it does tie into is their image of their business. They might not have a problem at all with piercings, but a customer(s) might draw conclusions based on the appearance of the employees and let that influence their decision of the company. THAT is where I feel the employee has every right to tell their employees how they should present themselves. And if that includes limited number of piercings, then that's just how it is.

    One of my bosses put it good this way: He said that he has no problem with a cross dresser (he just picked that as an example). He said that he could care less what they want to dress like, what name they want to be called, all of that. What he DOES care about is if he hires a person to work for him and that person starts affecting business with personal issues such as these, then he's not ready to have them work for him and cost him his profits and ultimately his living. I realize this is an extreme case, but the point still remains. It's not about the employer's beliefs because I think they honestly try to work with people to make it easier to work and get along, it's not about you, it's about the customer. Everything revolves around them coming back, and whatever needs to be done has to be done.

    Yes it's wrong for people to make conclusions about you or your place of work based off your appearance, but it happens nonetheless and needs to be accounted for. Now keep in mind, I work in an office/shop type of environment, so a conservative professional image is required for us. I don't know where you work and if any of this stuff would matter. But if you were to work in the same exact place as I do now, then your image is important.

    • yeah I agree with the image thing, as long as the employer tells you about his issues with your earrings, instead of just canning you out of the blue like what happened to me. my earrings in no way dampen my ability to do my job. I don't plan on getting anymore piercings, unless I can get a job as a piercer lol I just think the stigma for piercings is bad in north america, unless you can get a job where it doesn't matter what you wear, or how many tats you have

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    • funny though, the last guy I was working for said someone popped his tires. now I know why lol they were complete assholes anyway

    • I mean, sometimes people can axe you just out of personal grudge if they have the authority and can get away with it. They know that most people won't go through the trouble of pursuing any kind of action against them. But yeah, if you're getting treated unfairly then don't be afraid to challenge it.

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  • It really depends on the workplace. Some accept piercings and some don't. You just have to ask ahead of time what their dress code is. I agree, sometimes it isn't fair or nice that they are allowed to discriminate against piercings, but they have that right. If it is going to create a hazard or a health risk, then they can choose to not let you work there or ask you to remove them. But I find that these are more for fast-food type jobs. Some business jobs do ask you to not have visible piercings or tatts, but I know that for the industry that I am getting into, its okay. You just have to find a place where you can be yourself comfortably as well as represent the company.

  • I do some hiring for the taco bell I work for and honestly if you don't have the studs in or even clear studs its not a deal breaker.


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  • You went to job interview with piercings, if he was thinking of a reason not to hire you, there you go. What you should have done was gone to the interview without the piercings, and then you could have asked him what the dress code was, and if they allow tattoos or piercings. And if they say ya we don't care, then your good, but if they say it's not good to, then there you go, leave the piercings at home, grow up and join the rat race of the job world.

    • well I do have job, if you bothered reading everything. :P

    • i don't see the big deal at all, not as if I have a dozen lip and brow piercings. men are just sexually discriminated against when it comes to this stuff.

    • It all depends on the job your going for. If your going to be working at a fast food joint, probably won't matter, but if your going to be seeing clients in an office type of setting, and interacting with people, most places don't allow tattoos or piercings on guys. Then again some do, so it never hurts to ask.

  • I see a guy with both earlobes pierced and I figger he's got some kinda Mr. Potato Head complex goin' on. You know, just one Christmas bonus away from jambering a bunch of dweeby-looking knick-knacks into his noggin, and showing up at the office lookin' like some Lilith Fair reject!


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