How can you tell if he likes you??

omg this is sooo complicated. why do you guys have to be so complicated? There is this guy.and I like him.i think he likes me to but idk. see he looks me straight in the eyes all the time and we just like sit like that taking for a while. then he goes and flirts with my friends and then looks back at me.idk what to do. then he like always sits really close so our legs are touching. then he takes my hand and warms it up for me.HELP!


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  • It sounds like he likes you. You see guys in general love to flirt with a lot of girls. Its a big boost for the confidence. If he looks ur way a lot he probably likes you. He just doesn't want to ask you out yet because he is probably not sure that you like him definitely . You see with some guys you gotta spell it out I LIKE YOU without actually saying it. I think you should probably step up your flirting game a little bit. Maybe a little more touching or playful hitting. Or you can break tradition and ask him out. Usually you can tell if a guy really likes you when he smiles and looks into your eyes.


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