How do I ask this girl to prom?

I really want to ask this girl I really like in my youth group to prom because it is on May 14th. I think she will definitely go with me if she doesn't have a boyfriend. She always jokes around and kinda flirts with me. Her facebook wall says she is married to some guy but I'm about 50% sure it is a joke. I might see her at Sunday school, so how do I ask her there. Should I do it right before or right after? Also, I don't have her phone number so please give me a detailed answer of what to do. Thanks :)


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  • Man... your asking for a lot...

    Be you dude... You don't need anybody's style to do what you gotta do...

    Its all a mind thing... You gotta believe that she likes you.

    & in most situations, the female does like the crushing guy.

    There are no moves that you need to do or anything...

    Only provide respect...

    Let her know you like, and wouldn't mind hanging out with her more.

    I say get that going first so once the date comes, you'll have stuff to talk about...

    All you need is a good conversation.

    If your at the same church, I imagine you have things in common...

    Most people like people that smile, so stay positive.

    Don't come right out and ask her, work it into a conversation after you've hungout with her.

    Say, "I like you, ( jokingly say) and I think we'd take some cute pictures

    and tell her you'd like for her to go to the prom with you...

    Prom is major, so I don't advice asking straight out...

    Either way, stay cool about what ever answer she gives you...

    Good luck dude...


    A Loving Black Man


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  • Just do it in person and preferably in private. That way you'll get an honest answer.

    However, prepare yourself for the event of rejection. Just in case.

  • Please don't ask the same question twice within a very short time interval. There's no need for it.

    • Why are you creeping on my questions? Is there anything wrong with getting more answers?

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    • thanks for removing my other question you stupid d***head

    • Wasn't me, it was the mods. As I said they would do in time.

      The answers you got were all moved here though.

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