Whats sexy?

Guys what do you find appealing in a girl?

Like, what is the thing we do that makes you want to

come up and talk to us?


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  • Be approachable. Smiling always helps. Remember, most of us are as nervous about saying hi to you as you are to us.

    Dress to the style of attention you expect. You want a one-nighter, dress provocative. You want good discussion and a possible boyfriend, dress revealing enough to show him you've got the goods, but conservative enough to leave something to the imagination.


    If you're out with girlfriends, don't all look at us and point and giggle. Rather, you can all look, all smile, and the one that thinks we're cute should wink. It's doubtful we'll come over and say hi if we feel were being judged, but be warm and welcoming, we'll be right there.

    Play with your hair when your staring at us from across the room.

    Get "caught" looking at us. The most obvious way to get caught is not to face him with your entire body, but rather just your face. Sit or stand facing a direction away from him, turn your head to get a look at him. When he finally "catches" you, smile. Act a little shy or almost embarrassed. He'll get the idea that your interested AND approachable.

    Don't slouch or cower. It shows lack of self-image and/or self-confidence and confidence is sexy.

  • uh what he said

    but if your in a group

    go apart from the group for a few mins

    its easier to approach a girl if she's alone

    maybe he will take the chance maybe he wont

    but if he doesn't he will be have so many thoughts going through his head about a missed opportunity and maybe even go up to you in the group or wait for another chance. that's if he was interested


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