Girls, if the guy is cute/handsome?

do you prefer it if he knows he's attractive, or if he doesn't know?

would you like him to think he was alright when he was actually more than just alright?

would his modesty make him hotter in a way?

or would his cockiness do the job best?

idk if I'm attractive or not, I get complements as well as disses from girls so I think its a mater of taste.

but I like it when the girl thinks she's alright, but is actually beautiful and a little shy. most girls I've met who knew they were hot turned out to be bitches, and that makes them ugly in my eyes.
  • I like modesty
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  • I like cockiness
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  • Just a good amount of confidence
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  • Idc/see results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's pretty much the same for girls, confidence is great but being too cocky is a big turn off.

    • some girls do like cockiness tho. I don't get it but whatever.

    • yeah that's true, I'd still say very few though. I think it's mostly the ones who thrive on the drama and like a guy to treat them like crap.

    • yeah that's what I think too.

      but its also a phase, cause even the girls that like those guys grow out of it.

      then those guys are forced to grow up at least a little bit haha.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Personally you find it much more attractive when a guy is modest. If I compliment a guy and he says something like "no I am so ugly" then it looks like he's trying too hard to be modest or may even seem sarcastic. Instead id rather a guy say "oh thanks" or something like that. Also if I guy was cocky and was like "i know right" after getting a compliment it would make him seem really full of himself which isn't attractive.

    So like I said just say thanks or something. Also remember to smile and don't be roo shy. This will make you look confident without seeming full of your self.

    • You are aware that contradicting a compliment is NOT modesty. And Sarcasm and Modesty are on opposite ends of the spec... You're a woman, what's the point.

    • yeah I see what you mean.

      ignore this guy, he doesn't get it.

  • I don't understand how some guys say they like girls who don't know how pretty they are. So basically you like girls with insecurities who don't feel good about their looks because you think they won't be as mean to you? No offense but that's pathetic.

    I prefer people who are confident. It's okay to know that you're attractive, just don't act like it's the most important thing in the world. Cockiness gets on my nerves, and modesty is just a nice way of saying insecurity. Confidence is that happy medium. Like I'm aware that I'm beautiful and I am confident in my looks but I don't act holier than thou because of it. I know I look good but I don't use it to treat people badly. I don't like people who do that. To me when I hear about a guy/girl that wants a hot person who doesn't think they're hot, it just seems like you want to take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

    • noo not it at all. its cute when I call a girl cute and she gets all shy, and girls that don't know just how pretty they are do that a lot. if she's gonna be mean, she's gonna be mean, idc what she looks like, I'll dump her ass.

      i would never take advantage a of any girl, that's f***ed up.

      i like treating girls like princesses.

      well I don't want her to be all insecure about her looks, I want her to think she's pretty but not like "yeah I'm really pretty" type of sh*t.

What Guys Said 1

  • Science answered this question.

    Best Case: Confidence.

    Worst Case: Cockiness.

    The younger your target the easier it is for them to mistake cockiness for confidence.


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