Describe what a wild girl is like ;)

u ever have a wild girl before?if so what was she like? if you Haven't had one, then what do you think a wild girl is like?


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  • They're called 'wild girls' in America, in England we call them 'filth'/'dirt'

    Filthy girls have filthy attitudes, there isn't much them won't try. (arse, mouth, arse, mouth being a prime example of why these girls are spectacular) Knows how to 'take the reigns' during sex, lead, gives as good as she gets but also loves being told/made to do things (nearly all the 'dirt' I've encountered love being more submissive than dominant, the fact they're letting you do as you like, taking orders, basically 'providing you with a service' is a massive turn on in itself) and a lot of the time will make requests (kinky sh*t like cumming on thier faces, asking to taste themselves etc)

    Sex with filth is more enjoyable on a few levels...

    -You get more pleasure from the sex itself,

    -Your level of arousal is a lot higher than it is when you're having sex with a 'nice/normal' girl,

    -You get to see other see other sides to people, sometimes a complete contrast to what they're normally like (ironically a lot of the sweet, innocent, 'daddy's girls' have this darker side to them and the shock of what they're like to have sex with is enjoyment in itself. I love being made speechless hahaha)

    -The sex can be competative, both people trying to 'out-do' the other, make the sex better/more pleasurable for thier partner which makes it more fun, exciting and is incentive to 'give them a good seeing too ;)' (you don't just f*** them... you f*** them well, you f*** them so well that when they're on thier way home they'll be nodding thier heads thinking ''I have been f***ed'')

    -You treat the sex... as sex, it's fun, to be enjoyed, no awkwardness!

    Filth are the future, FACT!

    • that wouldn't really be a wild girl so much as just a slut that you're talking about...wild girls are alittle more complicated than just sex stuff. A wild girl could actually be pretty virtuous but you know if you can ever get her in bed she'll be a wild there too.

    • Translate 'wild girl'... I speak 'proper English' ;) hahaha

      I honestly think that's what a wild girl is over here... an absolute dirtbag who loves sex

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  • Wel, we're not British..To me a wild girl is a spontaneous and affectionate one who isn't conventinal, who will flirt with you even when there are other guys around with money and hot cars and the like.

    Often in the US people use the term for a female who iws simply promiscuous, but that's NORMAL behavior for a lot of women here. NOT being 'for hire' is what is really 'wild.' here in the US

  • She does what he wants (wild girl can be good girl if she does good things). She does not mind what other people think. She does not mind doing more dangerous things. Or something society might not approove, if she likes it. ( Well, she gets in trouble a lot! ) She breaks the rules. She is active in changing things around her even if others does not like it.

    Just wild! She is sometimes like animal. I LOVE that! And also I am SCARED sh***les of it.

  • I've been around a wild girl. They are usually the who would party hard and don't give a f*** with everybody thinks of her. If somebody mess with her, then she would be ready to fight with that person male/female. She knows what she wants and usually gets it. Basically the girls version of the "bad boy"

    Can you help on my question please?



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