How can you tell by eye contact if a girl is into you?

how can you tell if a girl is into you, I mean if she look at you, what's the initial eye contact that she go without her thinking your a creep.

how can you tell from eye contact, I'm not the very confidentist person as I'm a chubby guy and I can't tell if a girl finds me interesting to go out with or just a friend who they wouldn't go out with


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  • the best way to tell is to ask them out, then while your out take them by the hand

    • even if they work in the same place as you and it would cause awkwardness if she says no

    • Well that's a question of if you want to sh*t where you sleep at all regardless if she likes you or not, what if you somehow find out that she likes you, you go out and then break up on bad terms, you need to decide how important it is to get some and how important your job is, if it's a place where you are following your career then I would avoid dating anyone from work

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  • Well if I like someone, and I'm not sure if they like me then I might look for a few seconds and if they don't really respond. I just won't try to take things any further, but if they stare at me I would probably look away after 2-3 seconds not because I thought he was a creep but because I wouldn't want to seem like a creep.

  • we stare at what we like, a nice painting, something shiny and sparkly, etc and if we like a guy we can't help but stare at him too.


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  • When their eye brow slightly rise up a little while she is talking to you with a little smile. It doesn't matter if you are chubby its all about being confident.


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