How can guys make bolding work for them?

I love my boyfriend and im super attracted to him but he's bolding, i love him either way but i can tell he's self conscious about it. I feel like a terrible girlfriend when he shaved all his hair off i joked he looked like he was apart of the EDL and told him i missed his hair. he's not a serious guy and we are always teasing each other but deep down he probably really wanted me to like it. Im just to honest for my own good.

I've always been attracted to guys with lots of hair but id chose him over anyone. It isn't about me, its about my boyfriend feeling comfortable with himself and being confident.

His hair has grown back now and once he gets it cut it does look really smart but i just want to say if you wanna shave your hair off go for it. I can warm to it, im probably just not used to it. He was starting ti warm to it himself till i said something. I feel like a total bitch and wanna make him know i find him sexy no matter whats on his head. Its only a superficial thing, he's lucky he's got a pretty face but more of all a great personality.

I love him for so much more than he's hair. There's some sexy bold men out there just something i wasn't expecting at his age. he's almost 27, i thought most guys lost their hair in their mid 30s but he's been losing it since he was 18.
How can guys make bolding work for them?
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