How do you know if a women is looking at your because your attractive or weird?

Like if you look at her and see instantly looks down is she creeped out?

And how do you know if a women is smiling at you and not the guy behind you?
Sometimes I've seen some girls stroke their hair and stare a bit while I look back and forth, some look at my shoes and upwards and then break off when they assume I'm looking in their direction, but most (if I think there looking at me) I will look back and it's almost an instant eye lock, I usually then just look down and try to look somewhere else.


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What Girls Said 1

  • if I am creeped out, I try to get far away from him, but keep an eye on where he is so I won't bump into him. if I'm attracted, I'll stay where I am or move closer and keep looking at him.

    looking down isn't a bad sign or a good sign. it just means "oops I got caught looking".


What Guys Said 1

  • depends on how she looked at you. was it a stare or did she look, look down, do something to her hair?


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