Why are some guys more noticeable than others?

I know for guys it purely depends on how exposed and slutty a girl looks is what grabs a guys attention. If she dresses conservatively then frickin forget it. For girls does it depend on his size, height, or how he walks? Or do guys need to start dressing slutty too? :P


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  • hmm I'm never really "exposed/slutty" and I don't get completely ignored.. so what the f*** are you talking about?

    anyways, I don't know some guys I just notice some I just dont.. I can't think of any specific factor that leads me to notice a certain guys.

    • It's probably taller, bigger, and more cocky = noticed by more girls.

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    • What I"m saying is that sometimes girls turn to look at a guy because something catches their attention. They had no idea what his face looks like until they turned to look at it. Something about me doesn't catch a girls attention and I"m trying to figure out if it is my height, small size, or I simply don't make enough noise when I walk. Or I don't walk cocky enough.

    • well hows your confidence, confidence tends to attract people but not cockiness.

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  • ahah I don't know how a guy would "dress slutty" but for me and I'm pretty sure most girls its about confidence. You have to look presentable and you have to act like you know you can get any girl you want. That way when you pick one, she's happy you chose her. Just act confident.

  • ug. you sound like a jerk but honestly, it is cuteness and confidence.


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  • That's just frickin' stupid, I hate slutty girls. I'm attracted to those that dress conservatively.

    • Ew, I hate it when girls cover up their legs and wear f***ing boots and sh*t. Show that sh*t off! Yeaaahh

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    • No I'm not a troll, this is what I'm attracted to, as are a lot of other guys.

    • Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

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