How can I get beautiful hair?

At the moment I have dark hair ( fading black, brown) that is to my shoulders. I got a hair cut around a month ago so that my hair would grow more evenly with the layers I have. I ve been doing a lot of research about hair growth and healthy hair but I would just like another girls can I have Amazing hair?
I also want kind of thicker full hair at the front. I have bangs so I have to comb them in the right place or else they dry funny...i let my hair air dry or I will towel try my hair. As for washing it, I have to wet it everyday or else it gets oily. So depending on how clean it feels I shampoo it 5 times a week and condition it 7 times a week. Somedays I just shampoo my bangs, wish is most of the time.


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  • Certain vitamins can help:

    -Biotin.I do take these everyday,they do help.Unfortunately my hair is very curly so you can see the hair growth when I straighten it.It is known to help sin,hair and nails,but some people have said it can cause them to break out or worsen cystic acne.If you do begin taking Biotin pills,don't be freaked out when or if you pee highlighter yellow,biotin isn't toxic,it isn't fat soluble which means it does flush out.

    -Fish oil pills.I started taking these last year when I cut my hair(above my shoulders) and it...ugh...stupid short hair.Anyways,my hair began growing faster,of course,hair does have a limit as to how fast it can grow per month.

    I recommend staying away from pills that are directed towards "hair growth"

    Hair is made up of water and protein.Every strand is 1/8 water I believe,so make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated through out the day.

    The best fruits and vegetables for hair are carrots,cucumbers,apples,bananas(1 a day,no more,too much sugar),avocado(no more than 2-3 a week),strawberries,tomatoes.

    Best foods with protein are almonds,walnuts,oysters,salmon,soybeans(edamame) in moderation,tilapia,oatmeal.

    If anything,try to remain stress free,eat healthy(fruits,vegetables and protein).

    On a side note,yes massaging your scalp is said to help stimulation of blood flow,which can increase growth.Many native indian tribes use Jojoba oil while massaging.

    So In short,my recommendation:

    -Biotin pills.

    -Fish oil pills.

    -Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

    -Take care of your hair externally.Shampoo,condition regularly, but don't shampoo every day

    • Awesome answer :)

    • @Update, for overall healthy hair, you have to treat your hair well both internally and externally. Eat well, live a healthy lifestyle and use products suited for your hair type and your needs. No food or pill will make hair thicker, so it's basically all in your hands as far as technique goes

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  • first define for yourself beautiful hair, and then you'll know what to do and begin asking where to go.


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  • Sometimes, after my hair is wet, I like to keep it in a bun or tied up, and let it dry with time. When I let it lose, it's wavy/curly. It's more of a messy look, but I think it can come out nice.

  • 1. don't use shampoo everyday... not unless it's head&shoulders, that can be used everyday

    2. limit the number of times you blow-dry your hair

    3. limit the number of times you straighten your hair (this can really damage hair)

    4. if you must blow-dry/straighten--buy thermal protectant cremes for your hair

    5. use shampoo and conditioner

    this is something my grandma told me about:

    once a week, pour some olive oil into your hands and mix it all up in your hair. let it stay in for 30 minutes, then use your shampoo to get it out. it makes your hair really soft and shiny.

    hope this helps :)

  • i heard moroccan hair oil is really good but it's expensive. it can make your hair look better.

  • Well with amazing hair comes proper diet and extercise.Make sure that you have a really good shampoo I recommend a salon product that suits your hair the best.Whenever you wash your hair rince out the shampoo with really cold water its painful but it will give you a boost of shine naturally.Also get a keratin treatment every once in a while but be careful because some salons charge more then they have to do and make sure you do your on your research on the kertin treatment because it can also damage your scalp if done wrong always di it professionally.

    Good Luck with beautiful hair


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