Why was he eying me down so much?

I've had guys guys look at me and check me out (like the up and down) and etc. but this guy totally stared me down, eying me up and down slowly, facing his whole body to me in the elevator (we both live in the same student dorm) it was so intense, that when I looked at him I had to laugh a little to myself.

why was it so different and intense? and how should I deal with this next time, it made me really uncomfortable, especially since I have a boyfriend.


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  • Maybe he has poor vision.


What Girls Said 1

  • I've dealt with the first kind of stare and then the creepy unrelenting drunken stare(I'm a barmaids)

    but the stone cold sober calculating stare. That's a horse of another color. I'd try and be as safe as possible- it sounds like an obsession maybe

    trust your instincts- if it's not right you'll know

    • idk, I don't know him so he might have been drunk or stoned... it is friday.

    • True and like that guy said he might have bad eye sight. Just be careful

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