How do normal men act?

I just want your perceptions. It's not like I'm on a journey to become more "normal" or something and will take your opinions and apply them to myself! That's just crazy. . .

So how do normal men act in your opinion?
I have chosen a course of action. I will be more normal by Thursday.


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  • I guess what you may see in TV allot. Handsome, tall, intelligent, decent amount of money with a job. May not smoke but drinks here and there, athletic, many many goods. Not many bads at all.


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  • this question is almost impossible to answer. so many different types of behavior fall under the spectrum of 'normal'... but if I had to list some attributes I'd say normal men are level-headed, intelligent, & aware of social norms...

    • 2. Level-headed.

      3. Intelligent.

      4. Socially Aware.

      Hm. #4 needs effort. t_t

    • what happened to #1? :p and I remembered one of your previous questions- something about an insatiable curiosity...hence I threw in 'socially aware'. normal men, at least to me, are fully aware of the boundary separating inappropriate from appropriate behavior.

  • If everyone was the same life would be boring, what is your definition of normal because I don't have one I don't think anyone is normal at all

  • normal man...hmm everyone is different but normal to me would mean he is between 5' - 5' 7", cute laugh, intelligent, reserved feeling until in love, sporty, drinks a little, filled with pride, competitive, honourable,

  • there's no such thing as normality beacuse there are no two people that are identical.

    just be yourself

  • There is no such thing.

  • I think, by referring to "normal" you meant "what he's supposed to be, ideally," realistic and not those fake ones walking out from soap opera.

    For me, I would imagine him to simply be someone who takes care of himself at some level but not too clean (because according to my experience, too neat and too complicated guys would later proved themselves to be gays at the later stage), someone who takes things easy, not to be so complicated, respect and not criticize women. A normal (and attractive) guy should have his brain as the sexiest organ in his body.


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  • Poor choice of wording in this question. To be "Normal" is to be Average; which makes you Predictable; which makes you Boring. You don't want to be Boring; You want to be Attractive. Not just in a sexual sense, but attractive as a potential new friend, employee, etc.

    An Attractive Guy is Confident. Believes that he is attractive. Believes that he always has something unique or useful to bring to anyones table.

    Cares how he looks, but not Too much.

    --Wears well fitting clothes, but doesn't wear a tuxedo to lunch.

    --Has his own style that stands out ("Hey, what's up?"), but doesn't jump out ("Look at me, look at me!)

    --Puts effort into making his hair look good ... or does he? ... (There's an Italian word for this but I can't remember.. It is defined something like this.. "To do something without appearing to try" or "To appear to be using little effort to do something". An example of this: Guys with messy hair that still looks good. It looks like all they did was roll out of bed and their hair just happened to end up in a nice looking position, but it wasn't an accident...usually...)

    There's plenty of other stuff too. Learn from other guys that seem to be doing things right. All you have to do is watch them. See what it is that they're doing that might make them more attractive to people and then steal it and make it your own.

    Don't Be Yourself. Be Your Best Self.

    • I don't mind being boring. It sounds kinda steady.

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    • I think it's just you who doesn't like to be considered boring. You're pushing a lot of ideals!

    • If I'm the only one that doesn't like to be considered boring, then it shouldn't be very difficult at all to avoid it. What luck!

  • The core attribute of a 'real man' is good sense. Just making sensible, thoughtful decisions. But when you're 16 or 25 there's no point in aspiring to sagacity. You may have to have a few breakdowns before you can find a good honest path.

  • If left to themselves, normal men will sit on the couch amid empty pizza boxes for weeks on end, in month-old underwear, drinking vodka out of the bottle, and chain-smoking unfiltered cigarettes, while looking at dirty pictures on the TV.

  • you are who you are and that is all you can ever be, but is exactly what you need to be. Don't ever label yourself as a prep, emo, punk, hippie, geek or in your case abnormal I guess. Just be yourself and be proud of it.

  • Just be down to earth. real man who can distinguish between bullsh*t and what is right

  • Very broad statement mate... for one normal men where? In the US, in Latin America, in China? In what sense? Towards women?

    • The behavior can be general, it's not necessarily towards anything at all, and let's go for America then since it's a pretty big country in the world and China is too complex.

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    • British men then. Very patient, not aggressive/ very polite, have a lot of pride, love beer, and love football more than anything else.

    • I need to learn the rules of football to love it, gotcha! I also need more pride and less aggro + more patience.

  • Im assuming what you mean is like what do they like etc. Most people picture men as liking sports, being strong, not showing emotions, generally shallow, and only get along with girls when they want sex.

    But in my opinion forget it. Everybody is different and normal is whatever you want to be. If somebody has an issue with who you are well screw them, and you deserve better from whoever it is.

  • Stay aggressive

    Never Cry

    Drink alcohol

    Act like an Idiot

    Let the woman win you'll be unhappy but you'll die sooner :)

    Always look for oncoming "traffic "

    Eat a lot of meat

    You don't need directions

    Work out

    Slap her if she gets out of line

    Find a hobby

    Cheat but don't get caught

    You don't have emotions

    Never quit

    Settle things with your fist

    Play/Watch sports

    Screaming is not allowed

    Eveything is a competition

    And remember son Men and Women will judge you by your d*** so if your short keep that pent up anger inside of you until you explode

    • Bitter much?

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    • You forgot one...

      Become addicted to cigarettes, then tell everyone you're going to quit, BUT DON'T.

      Bad ass yet health conscious.

    • well there you go Don't quit man stay strong don't be a nancy boy

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