What do you define as ugly?

People always say the word ugly but just like beauty its in the eye of the beholder.. So my question is in your opinion.. What do you find ugly in the opposite gender ?


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  • Someone who is beautiful on the outside and knows that they are beautiful and tries to use their looks put everyone else down and move on in life on their looks alone


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  • loud voice...bitchy attitude...the less shy and conservative the girl is the uglyer she becomes in my eyes...true story

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I am sorry to break it up to you, but that is not true at all. There is such a thing as universal beauty and it has scientific prove as well.

    Basically somebody who is ugly of she is a girl: Is if her body to hip ratio is closer to 1, that is the closer hips to waist ratio are to 0 the more attractive she will be (no there isn't a person in the world with a rating of 0), because she will have a small waist compared to her HIPS which means she is more attractive.

    Small eyes or frog eyes for that matter, big nose, pointy nose, small lips, really bushy eye brows, or reall thing eye brows, too long of a face, her mouth is too big, big ears, big molds, fat, too tall or too short and an uncemetrical face over all.

    There you go.

  • Liza Minella is a good example of ugly.


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  • an ugly personality

  • Ugly qualities: arrogance, pride in acting stupid, intolerance of entire groups of people


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