Will women who wear open toe shoes or flip flops and paint their toe nails please answer this?

Do you like showing off your feet or do you just wear those types of shoes because it's comfortable or is it just because that is the current style?

Would it creep you out if you attracted a guy with a foot fetish?
  • I wear open toe shoes and flip flops because it's more comfortable.
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  • I wear open toe shoes and flip flops because they're in style.
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  • I wear open toe shoes and flip flops because I think I have cute feet and don't mind showing them off.
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  • All of the above^^^^
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  • Just show me what other people voted.
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  • I have a Foot Fetish, But not like the typical one though. I'm obsessive about mine. I take great pride in how they look, To find someone that would notice and appreciate it ---> Awesome.

    I almost orgasmed a few times during a pedicure/foot massage, It was unbelievably embarrassing because it was kind of obvious, Luckily he didn't laugh though, He just kept telling me that it was okay. I see him every few days, For about 3 years now.

    So I wouldn't find that creepy at all, I'd prefer someone that had one as well.


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  • I take care of my feet/nails & wear these type shoes for various reasons. It wouldn't creep me out if a guy with a foot fet. noticed--if anything I'd be flattered & glad someone noticed I took time to paint my toenails, etc. :)

  • I live in a cold place most of the year, so I when it's actually warm, I wear it cause it's hot out and I guess can be considered pretty comfortable.

  • My boyfriend has a foot fetish, doesn't freak me out :)

  • they're cute

  • i always get pedicures because I feel like you should always try to be at your best from your head to you toes. I love wearing flip flops and open toed shoes too. its not because I'm obsessed with my feet or really even like them I wear the shoes because I like the shoes.

  • I love my feet, and I would love any guy who loved my feel too :)

  • My boyfriend is VERY into feet, I just recently found out about it.

    No, I'm not creeped out by it, I mean it's what turns him on and if he perfered painted toes or my wearing flip flops then I can do that. It's not like he's asking the world of me,

    I love this guy, why would his getting jollies from my feet make me love him any less?


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