Guys how would you like your girlfriend to dress?

What do you like and what do you dislike? Is there something that really pisses you off when she wears it.

Do you prefer jeans or slacks?

Skirts a little above the knee or below the knee, or pencil skirt.


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  • i like my girlfriend to wear whatever she is comfortable in...why? because if she's comfortable she can be herself...i'd prefer my girl to be herself over dressing a way id prefer...i mean afterall why is it my say how she dresses - I fell for her for a reason, if she had bad taste in clothes or the things she wore wasn't my style I would have probably not of gotten to the Girlfriend stage...

    so if you're asking about GIRLFRIENDS then my answer stands...

    if you're asking what to wear to attract guys - well that's a whole other playing field - it all depends on the group of guys you're trying to impress I guess...

    in the end you should be yourself, you be comfortable will bring out confidence and your true self...just be who you are!


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  • I am attracted to women in summer dresses or skirts... For me a woman in slacks is a turn off (or what I call a Hilary Clinton,lol)... The problem with the skirt thing tho is the shoes... I don't have three hours to wait which one's are the right ones when going somewhere waiting for her to decide,lol...

  • depends on the situation. its situational


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