Hairstyle question - Mainly to girls but guys opinion appreciated too!

So, I'm desperately due a haircut as my hair's become ridiculously long now "/

I would like to have my hair cut quite short (so it can maybe be styled a bit), however I am very wary of doing so..

The main reason for this, is that I have quite a large forehead..

Just wondering how I could have my hair cut relatively short, without looking a complete idiot with a big forehead! xD

My hair is very dark brown (basically black), if that affects things in any way :)

Thanks in advance for any responses! :)


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  • Well, I feel that when you do have a large fore head you have to be really careful about how you cut your hair.


    The most universally flattering hairstyle for large foreheads is bangs. Cutting the bangs at eyebrow level straight across will bring attention to the rest of the face and will camouflage the forehead. Layered bangs along the forehead and down to the chin can frame the face and may be a softer look. Long bangs can also work for men, especially when the bangs are swept sideways on the brow.

    Side Part

    Parting your hair on the side will bring attention to the hair and not the forehead. Another trick is to part the hair on the side and bring the hair across the forehead. Secure at the side of the head and fasten into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. This creates the illusion of bangs but can be done with longer hair without cutting bangs.

    Short Styles

    A short haircut can provide balance to a large forehead, especially if layers are cut around the front of the face. Spiky hairstyles can also draw the eye away from the face. Add volume with styling products or tools to provide lift and movement to the hair.

    Good Luck!


    • Thanks for the detailed answer! I kinda have bangs atm that go down to basically covering my eyebrows.. However, this is not due to any style or cut, this is just how my fringe grows with corflick (or cowflick as I believe it's known outside of where I live)..

      I currently do very little to my hair, and use no products or anything.. Just comb a bit if needed.. Not styled in anyway and, it's just too long and stupid now.. I need something new! xD

    • I would recommend trying a side bang with a side part. Just becareful of how you style it because if the back is too short you could end up looking emo or scene. If that is what you are looking ffor then go ahead and style away!


    • i agree. go to someone with a good reputation who does someone's hair that you think looks good, and go with your natural hair and what it tends to do, don't try to force it to be different.

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