What kind of guy would you prefer?

I'm just wondering. I like guys who are funny, and I can hold a conversation with them easily. I don't really care about what their hair looks like or their eye color, but greenish gray eyes are always cute. Also, I like guys with body hair, lol. I have no clue why but it's a turn on for me I guess. Am I the only one like this? What do you like and look for in a guy?
Also it would be pretty cool if he played sports or an instrument. That would be hot. More importantly is that he has to be a gentleman.


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  • When I look at a guy, I look for a guy with a great personality, and sense of humor... I love old fashioned guys who still hold doors. As long as the guy understands me and respects that I am my own person, ill love him. I love guys who don't ignore you around their friends, and aren't afraid to come by you when you are with yours. (an added bonus would be if he could play either guitar or fiddle) ;)


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  • Guys with an appreciation for classic French philosophers and a penchant for punctuality are always a good bet.

    Might just be personal bias, though.

    • Any opinions/bias are welcome :)

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    • No, I wasn't serious. My ego and sense of narcissism isn't quite that bloated.

    • lol

  • I have green eyes;)


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  • I love the gentlemen who understands I am who I am and shouldn't try to change me. I love funny guys who are intelligent. The guy who is athletic and yet plays some sort of instrument. He should be strong, and attractive (though not important, it's still nice). I tend to like a guy with dark hair and light eyes. And he MUST be taller than me, or very close! I don't like a guy too shorter than me... And that's my opinion! I hope that helped!

  • I like light eyes, but doesn't have to have them. A guy who is really sweet and has a great sense of humor. Someone who can freely talk to me about anything. Not the biggest fan of body hair lol. A guy who is creative, either with writing, or someone who can play guitar or sing or something. WHo can understand me and lets me see my friends also.


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