I'm extremely self conscious.

any ways to make myself less self conscious? I've been seeing this guy, and he says he loves my body. But I hate my body, and I want to be able to tell myself that I love my body without having a guy say it for me.


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  • Whatever you don't like, work on it if YOU want to.

    But at least realize he finds you hot. Likely other guys do. Be happy to accept the praise and embrace your beauty :D the fact the guy is saying it doesn't make your existence or beauty, but it should at least show you that people do find you attractive. Don't be so negative until you've got real reason to be so, and even then try and think somewhat positively.


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  • What don't you like about your body?

    You can:

    1. Dress better. Buy clothes that fit your body and make you feel confident, cute and sexy. I know that when I'm wearing a hot outfit I feel hot.

    2. Wear makeup. Seriously, girls look way better with makeup. I'm all for natural beauty but some enhancement with eyeshadow, mascara, blush, never killed anybody.

    3. Work out. Probably your best bet. Exercise, coupled with eating right, is amazing for your body and mind.

    4. If your guy loves your body, believe him. Guys don't like insecure girls who need to be fed compliments to feel good about themselves. Quite honestly, you shouldn't be involved with someone if you aren't happy with yourself.

  • do something you enjoy and something you're good at and gain confidence in yourself from that


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