I don't know what's wrong with me? I feel like a right freak?

OK so long story short, I've been worried about my weight for quite a while now. I'm a US dress size 6, UK dress size 8 which I know is a good size but I just feel like I've got a really big tummy and I hate my body. But recently I've had these weird urges to throw up which is really weird cause that's not how bulimia works right? I feel like I want to throw up and I've never wanted that before. I'm kind of worried about my health if I'm wanting to do this. =/


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  • Even though your question is anonymous I bet you are beautiful its just a lttle fear you have off gaining weight which is something pretty much natural. If its still bothering you I say maybe go to the gym or start a work out program or something like that.

    And also eat healthily as well (5 friuts and veg a day).

    So the moral of what I'm saying is just have a plan of what you eat and exercise you will feel fine and confident when you get into this routine

    As I said I bet you look beautiful


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  • First of all your dress size indicated that you are a long way from overweight, let alone fat. Second you are obsessing about your body weight which is NOT a good thing to do. If you are worried about bulimia, then see a specialist. It is a dreadful condition that can ruin your life.

    My guess is that you are very, very good looking and that's the way you want to stay.

  • Size 8 is good don't worry


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  • Pull yourself together girl! You aren't fat at all!

    Don't let a soul tell you otherwise!


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