Dying your hair back to it's natural color?

I naturally have dark brown hair, but over the years (8 years to be exact, haha) I've dyed it so much that it grows in lighter. Well, while I have dyed it blond, red, pink and purple, a majority of the times it's been blue black. So the ending result it I'm growing my blue black hair and I have these ugly roots showing. I got it cut so it would grow out faster and more healthy.

So the question is, is it impossible to dye my hair back/near it's natural color without it looking ridiculous and ruining it?

Thank you :)


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  • My advice is just to stop dying it at all. Yeah you can try all sorts of things to get it back and it might work, but it's not guaranteed, and it will only fry it more and make it poofy, frizzy, and possibly breaking.

    I would leave it alone and just let it grow out. The roots will look less funny after they grow out a bit, and plenty of people just grow out old dye jobs, so don't worry about it. You can still fix your hair and make it look nice or use headbands etc to help the transition. The dark color will fade over time. You can use baking soda to help it fade as well.

  • You can get it stripped then dye it your natural color. I'd suggest going to professionals for that though because if you try to do it yourself, you can ruin your hair. I've been every color imagineable, but I always did it myself and when I went back to my natural color is was a bitch and my long hair had basically fell right off. I ended up with hair the length to my ears. It was horrible, but I worked hard at it, treated my hair with the right oils and stuff, and here I am, 3 years later and it is still growing. (:


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