Killer eyes/look good or bad?

I have been wondering for some time about how other people I don't know see me.

I recently heard some girls talking about the subject killer eyes or killer look and hinting towards me ( I think I reminded one of them about someone with similar eyes)

I have dark brown eyes, and dark thick eyebrows and when I walk I public I tend to frown by eyebrows just a little, and when then sun is bright a lot more. which creates the killer look.

How would you react to me or someone similar if you saw someone like that or maybe you know anyone that have the same eyes. I'm curious how people may think of me as a first impression judging by it.


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  • never heard of the expression of 'killer eyes' before but hving striking eyes is a great thiing. It makes you more memorable.

  • I think it's kind of hot actually, but you might come off as sulky and unapproachable.

    • I don't think I can even make a sulky expression on my face, I just look dead angry lol

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