Stores with cute bras?

Any girls know of any stores where I can find cute, reasonably priced and supportive bras for larger sizes? I wear a 38DD and all of the bras I find aren't very cute at all. Thanks in advance!

(and guys refrain from messages, I'm not interested)
Apparently girls who wear a size 38DD are fat...apparently...


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  • Victoria's Secret... I have big ones too girl :) it's hard sometimes, I just can't understand why they make all the cutest bras in little bitty sizes... I want my boobs to look cute too! I found a few the other day at Target :) they always have nice ones if you ae looking for aomething a little less expensive. But every now & then I invest in a nice one from Victoria's Secret..

    • Yeah I love how supportive Victoria's Secret bras are. Thanks! I love Target's bras but the really cute ones are tiny like you said, and the really supportive ones are UGLY! lol

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    • Yeah I've found a few cute ones at Target, but the ones I've gotten were kinda plain or casual I guess you could say.

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  • Victoria's Secret is awesome a friend wanted to try on some bras and they looked awesome on her.

    • Yeah I love their bras they are just a little pricey and don't carry my size in store. But they do look awesome, I used to only shop there

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  • Ok, so my mom is a 38DD sometimes a 36DD she's not fat at all haha


    Victorias Secret normally caters to B-D, so normally they are out of the question.

    Lane Bryant is good, um, you could try department store brands, Maidenform(Kohls,TJ Maxx,JC Penney etc)

    My favorite for COMFORT is Maidenform, but I'm a 34/36 D slowly going down to a C

  • Wow that other girl was harsh. I tend to like Lane Bryant. Their bras are comfortable, super cute, and run about $40. They do have sales of buy one get one half off often and I like to stock up then.

    • Thank you so much! Yeah she was harsh..but whatever. I'll have to check out their website!

    • Defintely do it. However I like to try them on because even a different fit can alter what size you wear. I range from a 42D-44DDD depending on the style and how it fits so if you have a store around it may be more helpful. Plus they have fabulous push up bras with removable pushup pads. I like to keep a couple around in case I want some extra help up there or if I am close to my period and my breasts swell I just take out the pads and it's like having an extra half a cup size,

    • Yeah I understand that, I have a store a few miles away, I think I'll stop in. Once again thank you for answering my question and not insulting me...

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