Who wants Snooki Slippers?

I do ! lol

No, really...those things are expensive. One pair is $24.99. A young lady on YouTube made a review link and paid almost $50.

Here's the official ordering site link

I think the animal ones are so cute, but I sure as hell ain't gonna pay $50.


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  • i love snookie! and those slippers are cute as hell but I wouldn't pay $50 for them either!


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  • BWAHAHAHA. I don't think they look very comfy! And no way I would pay that much for slippers. don't worry, they'll be knocked off for $10 at Costco in the near future.

  • I love the giraffe ones but I would never wear them

    • I like them, too. You wouldn't wear one around the house if you could ?

    • I don't like anything on my feet when I'm home. I feel like my body temp is a billion degrees.

    • I feel that way about socks...but not when I have to walk around the house. I have hardwood and you never know what could be sticking up. Plus, the floors are cold.

  • I think Snookie is overated

    • I agree. She was featured on a Rolling Stones cover page. During the cover shoot, she even questioned why she was being featured since she didn't know how to sing or act and was just a reality star.

    • really? At least she is honest about being untalented unlike Kim Kardashian who actually thinks she can sing !

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