What's the difference between "Hot" and "Beautiful?"

What exactly is the difference between a girl who is "Hot" v.s a girl who is "beautiful?"


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What Girls Said 2

  • HOT: physical body, facial, clothing appearance that seems to bring sexual attention to the eyes and arousing exciting emotional feelings.

    BEAUTIFUL: physical body, facial, clothing appearance that is modest. Personality. It's mainly the whole self being modest.

  • I think "beautiful" is being the whole package, the type of girl you could see yourself with. When someone says a girl is "hot" I imagine they'd like to pounce her. Hahaha.


What Guys Said 6

  • Hmmm.

    In relation to a person... Beauty is an essence, it is captured in a being both fleetingly and permanently. It is a mysterious glow or vibration that resonates throughout the fibres of a person. Its a glass smashing in a stone chamber. Hot is superficial, a lacing, drenching characteristics with a crystalline shower-like impermanence. It is the painting on the stone wall, the reverb on the snare drum, the sepia hue of the stalwart film, the glass glowing amber on the oil lantern.

    • i bit overwritten, but still the best answer to this reocurring question on GAG.

      you should write an article.

    • Lol, what do you mean overwritten? People spend they're whole lives trying to find out what beauty is, it deserves a bit of articulation. But thanks! A lot. ^_^

  • For me when talking about girls its more like this:

    Hot = I would pounce her. I want her. It's raw physical attraction.

    Beautiful = She is good looking, but I wouldn't necessarily be into her.

    Then there's another distinction:

    Cute = Cute is more like adorable, hugable kind of a person lol. It's mainly personlity.

  • Hot = I would like to do terrible, unforgivable things to her.

    beautiful (Adorable) = I love to hold her and and get to know her.

  • Hot means you desire them, beautiful means looks nice but doesn't really get your motor humming.

  • A beautiful girl doesn't have to be hot, but a hot girl has to be beautiful.

    • I really like your reply. The other times I have seen seen an answer to this type of question it seemed like a girl had to be just hot to be noticed.

    • not even

  • Hot == I want to put my d ick in that body.

    Beautiful == I want to take her out to dinner THEN my my d ick in her. Then make breakfast in the morning, and take her on dates.


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