How attracted are you to your SO?

How attracted are you to your boyfriend/girlfriend from a scale of 1-10 and 10 being really attracted. Mine is around a 5-7. I don't think he is that good looking and he has a really big nose and no lips plus he's mega pale.

Other than that my guy is sort of OK looking since he is tall and doesn't have much pimples (although he has large pores).



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  • If we're talking strictly physically, I'd give my guy a 7. I think he's cute, but he's not the hottest guy I've ever seen.

    If you factor in his personality to attractiveness (which I do) I'd have to give him a 1,000,000. He's everything I've always wanted and I've never met another guy like him.

    • yeah I guess I was just talking about physical attraction.

  • 10. Actually, can I go for a 20. Everyone has something that can be seen for a flaw. His flaws aren't flaws to me. They're perfection, and they only make me more attracted to him.

    • wow... he sounds really good looking!

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