Are stretch marks a big deal for guys?

im a chuddy girl and guys tell me all thee time that I'm cute nd sexy but I happen to have stretch marks on stomach and inner thighs .

do guys consider that as not sexy or a turn off..?


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  • It's not sexy and not a turn off either. It's just part of the process. We love you despite stretch marks. Too bad you are under 18 though. I love chubby girls. :D

    • haha thanks...thee thing is that I lost my virginity wen I was 15 I havnt been with a guy since so I guess I feel uncomfortable wen a guy starts to touch me nd I'm afraid to go all tha way

    • Why should it matter when you lost your virginity? Find a guy that will take his time to explore every inch of your body. Recognize what areas are sweet spots and you might want to clue him in on them. Guys don't always figure things out on their own and communication is the key to any successful relationship. Tell him when you are ready to go all the way, and enjoy foreplay in the meantime.

    • thanks :)

  • If he gets far enough to where he's seeing your inner thighs and stomach stretch marks are most likely the last thing on his mind, or at least they would be for me...


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