High waisted shorts? What do you guys think about it?


What do you think about high waisted shorts? Do you wear them? And what do you wear with it? :)


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  • People call me a Rockabilly. I only wear what most would consider high waisted skirts and pants (12 inch rise typically, above my belly button). I get a lot of positive attention from guys AND girls who seem to like how I dress. I find that the low waist style nowadays is very unflattering on 98% of girls... it requires very large hips and a tiny waist to really look good. The higher pants flatter a woman's 'hourglass' figure and I think they look good on almost any girl.


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  • I only have a pair and I've gotten compliments on them. With high waisted stuff like that you have to have a shirt you can tuck into it so I usually wear a more form fitting tank top with it. I think they can be really adorable so long as you style it well :)

    • Thanks for your answers! Do you think blouses or v-neck shirts look also good with them?

  • Yeah, I wear them. :) I wear a crop top with them, or tuck in a sort of baggy shirt. Anything can go well with them, really.


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