Will this play accept me if my eyelids are doubled?

Dont say anything if you have nuthing nice to say (Im amaerican but have Asian straits yet I'm not asian) so I have a lot of Asian traits I have almond shaped eyes I have doubel eyelids (which a lot of Asians like) I'm auditioning for a korean entertainment buissnes but I'm not Asian at all but I can play the part do you think they will accept me or an I just waisting my time...i really want this I've been singing for 9 years and danceing for 3 and I can rap (its hip hop and R&B)

What do you think?

PS:i have dark brown eyes,Brown hair almost black and really fair white skin


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  • What's the worst that could happen? No harm in trying.


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  • Have you ever watched how every girl in anime is really white, with blue eyes, and any color hair? Or seen any of the myriads of indian and japanese women who dye their hair red? If you are right for the part they will probably accept you and love you all the more for being so "ideal." I know that in the modeling world, women are told to go audition in another area of the world where their look will be considered "exotic." It seems to me that you will look enough to be believable and have your own little something that might catch their eye.

    As the other posters said - the worst that happened is that you tried. The best is that you touched the stars. Similarly, it is always better to regret doing something than not doing something. There will always be "what ifs." In this case, just consider it an experience for the next audition if you don't get it.

    Good luck!

    • :) wow your answer gave me so much confidence thankyou you right I wuld rather do it and get rejected then to have necer did it atall

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